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Carrie Grant

Most people know Carrie Grant as bubbly and bouncy, a world famous vocal coach who appeared on BBC's Fame Academy working with stars like Will Young and Melanie C.

But life isn't always bright for her. She says, "I have my moments of struggle. Moments when my IBD gets me down."

"When I can't eat with my kids because I'm on the elemental diet, moments when slapping on the facepaint is a struggle because I'm so exhausted or in constant pain, moments when my husband takes me out for a romantic dinner and eats alone whilst I'm stuck on the restaurant loo."

"Times like that, I'm glad I'm able to talk to someone at Crohn's and Colitis UK - it helps to know that together, we can work to make a difference and help others to find their inner strength to face the future - it isn't always easy."

Carrie continues, "If you have IBD or have someone who has - tell them to contact Crohn's and Colitis UK; there's friendly help and support available for all ages, with understanding people at the other end of the telephone line... just call!"

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