We fight stigma surrounding invisible disabilities like Crohn’s and Colitis by installing improved signage on accessible toilet doors.

We did it! Thanks to you, we’ve successfully campaigned for five of the UK’s major supermarkets to have our accessible toilet signs installed on their accessible toilet doors to help the general public’s understanding that not every disability is visible. 

A major anxiety for people living with a serious health condition, like Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis, is being refused toilet access or being confronted about why they are using a disabled facility.  

This is wrong and our aim was to raise awareness that while a person might look ‘okay’ on the outside, they may be in a daily battle with a serious medical condition and urgently need to use that ‘disabled’ or ‘accessible’ toilet. 

Together, we’ve sent nearly 20,000 emails to the bosses of the supermarket giants resulting in better toilet signage across the UK. 


08 August 2016: Asda to roll-out new accessible toilet sign in 421 stores
01 December 2016: Morrisons adopts new accessible toilet sign in 492 stores
18 January 2017: Tesco rolls out our accessible toilet sign in over 700 stores
23 June 2017: Waitrose installs new accessible toilet signage in 149 stores
07 November 2017: Sainsbury’s installs new accessible toilet signs in 603 stores 

In total, that’s almost 2,500 stores displaying our toilet signage across the UK! 

What’s next for our campaign?

Now that we’ve had 100% success rate in Supermarkets, the charity is calling for additional signs to be placed on publicly-available accessible toilets within high footfall public areas such as travel hubs and retail areas to raise awareness that Crohn’s and Colitis are largely hidden or invisible conditions and that not every disability is visible. This is part of our overall strategic objective to reduce discrimination and raise awareness so that everyone understands Crohn’s and Colitis.  

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