Fundraising from home


Thank you so much for coming to raise money with us from your home!

We know it is currently challenging to hold your fundraising events, but it is a great time to get creative in how you connect with others and your community to raise funds and awareness.

We’ve put together some ideas to help you have fun with friends, family and colleagues and keep supporting people living with Crohn’s and Colitis at the same time.

Some of these ideas will involve interacting online, but others can take place in your household and they all fit with government guidelines.


Let’s get virtual


Why not take part in a virtual bake-off competition with friends and family?

Here’s how it works:

  • Everyone donates online via a Just Giving or Virgin Money Giving page
  • Each person bakes something delicious at home and shares their creation with the household, on social media or in a group text chat
  • A judge decides on the winner and you get to share your bakes with whoever you’re staying in with
  • If you have social media, please tag @CrohnsColitisFR and use the hashtag #BakeIt so we get to see your great bakes!

Book Club

Is it time to finally start reading all those books on your list? Set up a book club, agree on a book and discuss what you thought with those you live with, in a group chat or on a video call when you’re all done.We suggest each book club member donates to join and it couldn’t be easier – visit our donate page and tell us what you’re reading @CrohnsColitisFR.

Virtual Karaoke

Virtual Karaoke is a great way to raise money and have fun at the same time. Pick from a list of your favourite songs, share the lyrics on your video call and sing along together. Donate to take part and donate double if you’re just there to watch!

Virtual Challenges

Take part in a virtual challenge such as running, walking or cycling! This could be on equipment such as a treadmill or exercise bike, if you are fortunate to have it, or around your local area. Set your own fundraising target and challenge your friends, family and colleagues too!

Everyone can create JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving pages and you can track your progress together on a fitness app.

Don’t forget to tag us @CrohnsColitisFR so we can cheer you on (virtually, of course)

Let us know when you’ve completed your challenge and we will send you a special digital medal to celebrate!

Quiz Night

Who doesn’t love a quiz so why not arrange one at home to test your general knowledge? It is easy to set up and host - you just need to appoint a Quiz Master and get going! You can also go virtual and dial in as many teams or individuals as you like. Each team can donate through this page.

Isolation Olympics

It is time to get moving! Climb your stairs, run around your garden, get mastering those jumping jacks and squats and ask people to sponsor you. Make sure you record your progress so others can see. Maybe you will create team events and set challenges amongst all those involved? Be as creative as you like with your challenges and don’t forget to donate and tell us about it!




Calling all Gamers! We need your support now more than ever, so why not take up your controllers and keyboards to raise money for Crohn’s and Colitis UK

  • Host your own fundraising livestream – encourage your viewers to donate by letting them influence your game. Will they make it easier for you or challenge your gaming skills and make it harder?
  • Run a gaming tournament – find out who has got the greatest skills and encourage others to take part with a simple donation to enter. Too easy, then mix things up by donating to pick the level or map for each match!
  • Tackle a challenge run – Speedruns, onebro runs, Nuzlocke runs... the gaming world is full of tricky challenges so why not ask your friends and family to sponsor your attempt at one and take on the challenge set?

Simply create a fundraising page using JustGiving or Tiltify and start your fundraising today! 

  • Tiltify is a great platform to use if you are planning on hosting a livestream or want to have your supporters get involved in your challenge. Use Tiltify’s polls, incentives, and rewards to let them join in with the fun!
  • Looking to create a gaming fundraising team? Create separate fundraising pages on JustGiving and then create a team so you can work towards one massive target! Share the page created with your supporters, encourage them to donate.

Need further support? Our Supporter Care team are here to answer any questions, from setting up your livestream or fundraising page, to helping you choose what game to play! For further support contact us at

You've Got Talent!

Have you always dreamt of sharing your talents with the world?

Start today by posting them online and raising money for us!

Here’s how it works:

  • Everyone donates online via a Just Giving or Virgin Money Giving page
  • Each person performs a dance, song or dog-training act and shares their creation on social media
  • A judge decides on the winner and the winning video gets shared with us at @CrohnsColitisFR

Online platforms and resources

Video resources are a great tool to use to support your virtual events.

Facetime, WhatsApp video calling, Skype and Zoom are great for staying connected and are all easy to download to get you started!

If you have any questions on how to set up your fundraising pages, please contact us at or telephone our Supporter Care team on 01727 734485.