Frequently Asked Questions 

Is the route wheelchair/pram accessible?

All routes in Swansea, London, Manchester and Birmingham are fully accessible but may include some small detours.

Both routes in Bristol and Plymouth are fully accessible with some small detours but are quite hilly.

Routes in Edinburgh and Newcastle are not fully accessible as they require a long detour. For more information please get in touch on 01727 734485 or walkit@crohnandcolitis.org.uk

How do I register more than one person?

As part of the registration form, once you have filled in your details, before paying you will have the option to ‘Add Someone Else’. This will allow you to set up as many people as you like. You don’t have to create a team to do this.

How much do I have to pay? Do I have to pay for everyone who is registering?

Adult registration is £14, and children (aged 5-16) registration is £7. Children under 5 are free. Everyone who is registered will have to be paid for (with the exception of children under 5.) The registration fee is the same, regardless of the distance they have chosen to walk.

How do I set up/join a team?

When registering, you will have the option to set up or join a team if you like. If you are creating the team, you can name your team and then you will receive three options- creating a public team, creating an invite only team, or creating a password protected team. Public teams means anyone registering for that walk can choose to join. There will also be the option of saying it’s a family/friends team or a workplace team.

Then when someone wants to join your team, when they are registering, they select they would like to join a team, and then they can search for the team name and enter the password if needed.

Where can I find a route map?

Route maps will be available closer to the date of the walk- we will send out a map in the post beforehand and we will also link the route map on the relevant WALK IT page once available.

How do I add children over 5? I can only see the option for to add a child under 5? Do they get a t-shirt as well?

Children between 5 and 16 are registered in the same way as an adult- the system will recognise they are a child when you enter their birthdate, and you will be prompted to confirm you are/have the parent or guardian’s permission to register them.

You will have the option to select a free t-shirt for children over 5. Unfortunately, we don’t have any t-shirt for children under 5, however people have gotten quite creative in previous years and made a cute little shirt for their little one to wear!

How do I get a t-shirt?

You will receive a t-shirt for free as part of your registration! You’ll be sent this in your welcome pack – please allow upto 4 weeks for this to arrive.

What happens if I can’t raise £100? Does everyone who registers in my family have to raise £100? Will we not be able to walk if we’ve not raised this amount?

The £100 fundraising target isn’t a mandatory target, so if you don’t raise £100 you will still be able to take part. However, we do encourage people to fundraise as much as they can, and many people find that it’s easier to raise £100 than they think. Sharing your JustGiving page on your social media is a great way to get started, and we are always happy to provide fundraising advice and materials to help you meet your target.

Do we all have to set up a separate Justgiving page? Or can we use the same page?

You can feel free to use the same page for everyone in your team/family- but please bear in mind that when we send out a thank you we may not realise this and it may just be addressed to yourself. If this happens please let us know and we’ll send out an amended letter for you.

I have set up a JustGiving page for the event but I would like to do some extra fundraising – can you send me some fundraising materials?

Of course! We will send you our fundraising guide as part of your welcome pack – we can also send you fundraising materials such as balloons, banners and collection tins.

What time will the walk begin?

We will have the start times available closer to the date, however the charity village will open in the morning around 9.30ish, and the walk will usually start about an hour later.

Is there a time limit for the walk?

We’ve allowed plenty of time for the walks, so you shouldn’t have any problems with being back on time.

Can we buy hoodies or dog bandanas this year?

Yes! They will be available to buy from the shop when registering.

Can I register on the day?

A. Yes, we will have a registration tent in the charity village on the day.

Can I change my contact details (address, email, etc) for the event?

Yes! In your confirmation email there is a link to the Members Hub. You can log into this using the details you signed up with, and then select ‘Your Profile’ on the top right hand corner of the page. This will allow you to update your address details. However, we’d also ask for you to send any updated details to ourselves as well, so we can ensure we have the correct details on our system.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes! Well-behaved dogs are more than welcome to come along- we ask that they are kept on their lead at all times. Doggy bandanas will be available to purchase for £5.

Can I be a volunteer instead of taking part myself?

Yes of course! There are lots of ways to get involved on the day; please have a look on our website here for some further details and to sign up.

I signed up to do a 5k, but I might change my mind on the day- is that okay? (& vice versa)

Yes that’s fine, on the day you can just follow the 10k route (& vice versa).

I’m having trouble with the form/I don’t have computer/I don’t have an email - can I still sign up?

Of course. You can just get in touch with the Supporter Care Team via walkit@crohnsandcolitis.org.uk or 01727 834485

Will there be toilets on the route?

We have plenty of free toilets available at the event village and also at various points along the route, shown on the map. These are businesses who are WALK IT supporters and are happy to let you use their facilities. Please note that there is a chance that not all toilets are free, whilst the majority are free, some public toilets may require a small charge.