Create your Star of Hope with Paige Joanna

01 December 2020

For Day 6 of Crohn's and Colitis Awareness Week we're going to be asking you to get crafty with Paige Joanna, who creates videos, tutorials and handmade goodies.

This is one of many ways to make a difference this week and you can find out more about what we've been up to here.

Our Star of Hope campaign means that we continue to offer expert advice and emotional support to those that need it most this Christmas. Your incredible gift will help people get through their toughest days.

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What you need for your star:

1 white A4 glitter felt sheet

Star template (drawn or found online and printed)



Glue gun or other felt glue

Purple ribbon or embroidery thread

Anything you’d like to decorate your star with

To decorate, I used:

Metallic heat transfer vinyl (Cricut)

Lilac heat transfer vinyl (Happy Fabric)

Mini pompoms and gems


Draw around the star template on the back of the white felt sheet. Cut out two stars.

If using vinyl, cut some teardrop/pointed shapes from to fit onto the star, you need 5 shapes for each side of the star. Alternatively, cut the shapes from whatever you are using to decorate your star.

Cut some small, thin rectangles of the metallic vinyl or other material and fix to your stars. For vinyl, do this using an iron or EasyPress to heat transfer.

Loop your ribbon or thread and tie a knot. Glue the knot to the top inside of one of the stars then glue your stars together, preferably with a hot glue gun. Match up all the sides as much as possible and glue in the loop you just attached.

Trim off any excess felt around the edges to tidy up the star and add any extra embellishments like pompoms, sequins, gems etc! Give your star as much shine and love as you wish.

Pop on your Christmas tree & enjoy! A lovely Star of Hope for anyone struggling at this time or who needs a little symbol of festive cheer. Stay safe and have a lovely festive season.

We want to see your stars! Post it on social media, tagging us in, and check out Paige's other creations on Instagram.

Nominate that special someone who always picks you up when you're down on social media using the hashtag #CrohnsColitisStar.

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