Give to Crohn’s & Colitis UK as you take your medication

03 September 2018

Innovative new app, DrugStars, reminds patients to take their medication - and donates to charity!

This new app reminds users to take their medication and lets them review their medication directly in the app. This could be helpful for people with Crohn's or Colitis who need to remember to take their medications or supplements. 

Every time app users take their medication, they collect stars that they can donate to charities for free. DrugStars converts the stars into pounds and donates them, so you can support Crohn's & Colitis UK as you take your medication.

DrugStars has recently launched in the UK after growing success in Denmark. The feedback on medication can improve the lives of other patients as well as improve health products around the world. 

Download the app

Find out more and download the app from the DrugStars website.

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