Going on holiday with IBD

20 July 2016

Summer is finally upon us (hooray!) and many of you will be looking to go on holiday over the next few months - be it travelling in the UK or abroad. 

Many people with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) can find the thought of going away daunting due to many things including toilet access, medical supplies and food. Our information sheets may help you to plan your trip and feel more confident about travelling away from home.  

  • Travel and IBD - covers how best to plan for your trip and answers some of the most commonly asked questions around vaccinations, packing medications, medical documents and travelling with a stoma
  • Insurance and IBD - gives information on arranging insurance for your time away and includes a list of insurance companies some of our members have found useful

The IBD Passport, run by IBD Nurse Specialist Kay Greveson, is another great resource providing information and practical advice on all aspects of travelling with IBD.