Huge support for Not Every Disability is Visible Campaign

19 July 2019

Urgent appeal: Our community needs our help more than ever before. If you can, please make an urgent donation now. Thank you.

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Thanks to thousands of Crohn’s and Colitis campaigners, the latest stage of our award winning Not Every Disability is Visible campaign has been massive – it’s had a fantastic start since it launched in April targeting restaurants and pub chains – helping make the invisible, visible.

We’ve hit national headlines, installed signage in hundreds of new areas and made significant progress in engaging with restaurant and pub chains to support the campaign.

Headline results so far include:

  • More than  43,000 emails sent to the CEOs of the UK’s largest pub and restaurant chains.

  • 137 pieces of nationwide media including coverage by Sky News, HuffPost UK, Independent, Metro and BBC News.

  • Over 120 ‘Not Every Disability is Visible’ toilet signs to install in your own offices and workplaces across the UK.

  • Because of your support - we are now in talks with over 80% of our target restaurant and pub chains to install the Not Every Disability is Visible signs in their UK branches, Find out who we’ve been talking to.

However, despite this success a few companies are being stubborn and not engaging with us, so we need your help to help encourage them to support the campaign by emailing them today.

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With over 50% of people living with Crohn’s or Colitis having been challenged or discriminated against just for trying to access the accessible toilet facilities they urgently require, our Not Every Disability is Visible is tackling this stigma by installing new accessible toilet signage and raising awareness with staff and members of the public. Supported by Janssen-Cilag Limited, we’re calling for all UK's major high-street restaurants and pub chains to install new toilet signage making the invisible, visible.


The success of this stage of the campaign has only been made possible only thanks to the incredible support from the Crohn’s and Colitis community. We know this small sign, makes a huge difference to the lives of our supporters, but more still needs to be done to help ensure that pubs and restaurants get on board and support their customers so please keep up the pressure by sending your emails

Andy McGuinness, Campaigns Manager

Got a minute? Join our e-action in just 2 easy steps!

Send an email to the CEOs of the UK’s largest pub and restaurant chains asking them to install new accessible toilet signage helping raise awareness that Not Every Disability is Visible. It’s quick and easy to join in on the action.

Want to see a change in your workplace or local community? Encourage your employer or local shops to adopt our accessible toilet signage. Call on your employer, local independent companies or local venues to change their accessible toilet signs. Click here to download our campaign resources.

For more information or to speak to someone about how you can support our campaign, email to