MyIBD Care app one of twenty selected to revolutionise the way the NHS delivers care

10 September 2019

Ampersand Health, creators of MyIBD Care app, have been accepted into the highly prestigious DigitalHealth.London Accelerator.

MyIBD Care is an app developed by Ampersand in partnership with Crohn’s & Colitis UK, which allows people to track medication and symptoms, plus patterns of diet, sleep, exercise and pain. It's a cloud-based dashboard which gives healthcare professionals, friends and families of sufferers of Crohns or Colitis to understand how well, between appointments, someone with Crohn's or Colitis is and how effective different care pathways are. The app also allows quick and easy access to our information when people need it.

DigitalHealth.London is a programme aiming to speed up the development and scaling of digital innovations across health and care, and pioneer their adoption by the NHS. The key themes of the accelerator are: 

  • Patient facing innovation, like MyIBD Care that are designed to improve care quality and the experience of using NHS services.

  • Capacity building platforms which use technology to improve patient flow and increase the efficiency of care.

  • Improving NHS access for SMEs and digital health products and fast tracking their adoption.

In selecting companies, the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator looked at the relevance of the problem being addressed to the NHS and the company’s readiness to scale. In the context of its recent Long Term Plan, programmes like the Accelerator demonstrate that the NHS is translating its will to modernise care into tangible programmes that encourage innovation and help address its objectives.

MyIBD Care arms patients with a personalised care plan, health analytics and custom recommendations, as well as acting as a locus for virtual interactions with their care team when their hospital also uses the app. 

A patient management & analytics portal allows hospital teams to view real time data on symptoms, sentiment and adherence; manage their patients virtually, in a light touch but effective way; and intervene before their flares become clinical.

People with long term conditions see huge value in building up a detailed and actionable picture of their health, and in clinical teams using their data to improve interventions and keep them out of hospital. Our model allows clinicians to see 47% more patients with the same resources and is shown to result in 50% fewer out of hours A&E visits. Most importantly, 85% of patients would choose it over existing models of care.

Nader Alaghband,
Co-Founder at Ampersand Health

Sara Nelson, Programme Director at DigitalHealth.London Accelerator said “This year, we received a record number of applications to the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator, and are delighted to accept 20 companies, including Ampersand Health, onto the programme. Between them, they have great potential to make a huge difference to the lives of patients and staff – either directly, or indirectly, through improvements to the way the system runs behind-the-scenes. These innovations could help the NHS draw ever closer to delivering a truly digital, inclusive service for everyone.”

Ampersand’s intervention was developed with gastroenterologists, rheumatologists and patients at King's College Hospital and The Royal London, with support from Innovate UK and national charities including Crohn’s & Colitis UK.