The lasting impact of forCrohn’s

18 November 2020

We’re sad to hear that forCrohn’s will be closing down their operations after 17 incredible years of working tirelessly to support the Crohn’s community.

The charity has been an invaluable support for many since 2003, raising awareness in schools, establishing a buddy system for those affected and raising vital funds for research, in excess of £750,000. You can read their full statement here.

We are proud to have worked alongside forCrohn’s over the years and many of our staff and supporters have personal connections to their work. A special acknowledgement to Tasha and Lisa who set up the charity and have been instrumental in its success ever since.

We are incredibly grateful that forCrohn’s have chosen for the remaining profits from their book, Book forCrohn’s, to come to us following their closure. This will continue the legacy of support and empowerment that they set with the creation of the book.

This news is also a difficult reminder of the situation that many in the third sector face as a result of coronavirus. Our funds have also been severely affected by a lack of events this year and the wider financial impact of the pandemic – nevertheless we will continue to support and champion people with Crohn’s and Colitis, keeping the passion for research going into 2021 and ensuring a legacy for all that forCrohn’s has achieved in their lifetime.  

To everyone involved in forCrohn’s, please know that your work will make a lasting impact and will not be forgotten – Thank you.

Sarah Sleet
Chief Executive, Crohn's & Colitis UK