The IBD Disk – an app for people to monitor Crohn’s or Colitis and share with health professionals



The IBD Disk is a highly visual tool that can help health professionals to focus quickly on what truly matters to the person with Crohn’s or Colitis. 

Professor Subrata Ghosh
Institute of Translation Medicine, University of Birmingham.

What is the research looking at? 

In busy appointments time to assess all aspects of Crohn’s or Colitis that impact on a person’s life is limited. This can mean that health professionals focus more on clinical symptoms such as gut pain, bleeding or weight loss. And the impact that living with Crohn’s or Colitis has on relationships education, work, or body image can be underestimated.

The IBD disk is an easy to use app for people to monitor their condition and share this with their health professionals. It can record the impact of Crohn’s or Colitis on relationships, incontinence, need for easy access to toilets, education, work, sleep, energy, emotions, body image, sexual relationships as well as gut and joint pain. This helps health professionals to understand and focus on what really matters to the person. 

The IBD Disk is a simplified patient friendly adaptation of the IBD Disability Index (IBD – DI). This Index measures the same 10 areas, has been shown to be accurate and is in line with World Health Organisation framework for measuring disability. However, IBD-DI was designed for use in clinical trials and its usefulness in clinical practice has been limited. The IBD Disk is a simplified patient friendly adaptation.  

This study aims to compare the results of using the IBD Disk with the IBD-DI in 300 people with Crohn’s or Colitis attending outpatient clinics. A separate study of 120 people will also assess how good the IBD Disk is at measuring changes in the condition as a response to drug treatment.

What do researchers think this could this mean for people with Crohn’s and Colitis? 

Researchers hope that this study will support the use of the IBD Disk in hospital outpatients. And help health professionals to understand and focus on the aspects of Crohn’s or Colitis that are having a real impact on the person’s life. 

Who is leading this research: Professor Subrata Ghosh. Institute of Translational Medicine, University of Birmingham.
Our funding: £76,661
Duration: 36 months
Official title of application: Validation and assessment of the disability of IBD patients using the IBD Disk