Understanding Gut Danger Signals in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Project rationale

Crohn's and Colitis are characterised by gut inflammation. What causes this inflammation? This research shows that mitochondria, the primary energy generator in our cells, might be at the root of this problem.

You can find out how this ground-breaking research is carried out by watching the video above!

What does this mean for people with IBD?

  1. Measuring the release of mitochondrial formylated peptides - AKA 'danger signals' - might be a new biomarker for IBD.
  2. The team are also developing a new treatment that blocks these danger signals to reduce inflammation in IBD. 

By Dr Milly McAllister and Dr Gwo-tzer Ho, University of Edinburgh

Sponsored by Guts UK and Crohn's & Colitis UK.
You can see the 'virtual poster' from Guts UK here.