Trial of personalised therapy for newly diagnosed Crohn’s disease patients

Researchers in Cambridge are looking for newly diagnosed Crohn's disease patients from across the UK for a trial of personalised therapy.


As of 1st October 2020 PROFILE has recruited 260 Crohn’s disease patients. Our sites are recruiting again and you can find a list of sites and how many patients they have tested here.

How to get involved

Researchers are looking for people who have been diagnosed with Crohn's disease within the last 6 months and who still have active symptoms to take part in a trial that will explore whether a prognostic blood test can enable patients to be matched to the treatment that is most appropriate for their future disease course. 

Participants in the trial will either receive standard care (the same as they would receive from their gastroenterologist anyway) or "top-down" therapy, which is thought to represent the best current treatment for Crohn's disease.

All of the drugs used in this study are established treatments for Crohn's disease, and there are no experimental therapies or placebo groups

The study period is one year and patients will be reimbursed for study visits and prescription costs. 

Find out if your local hospital can recruit patients into this trial

This study is not funded or organised by Crohn's & Colitis UK, and therefore we cannot take responsibility for your involvement. It is a patient’s choice to take part.