Social and health impacts of COVID-19: How has lockdown affected your life?

Lead Researchers: Sarah Armstrong & Lucy Pickering (University of Glasgow)

This study aimed to document the impact of the coronavirus lockdown on vulnerable people. Researchers at the University of Glasgow spoke to adults living with Crohn’s or Colitis living in Scotland. This study was funded by Chief Scientist’s Office of Scotland and looked to assess the impacts of ‘lockdown’ policies and consider how to better support vulnerable people.

This research was carried out between July and December 2020. Researchers gathered data in many ways, conducting 136 interviews, 63 surveys of organisations and 86 of prisoners, analysing 10 letters and social media analysis. The key findings were:

  • Information was key to people’s ability to navigate the risks of the coronavirus pandemic, as well as influencing how people think or feel about those risks.
  • Experiences varied, but a shared theme was that challenges people had before the pandemic continued, and in many cases became harder to manage, with more constraints added to already difficult circumstances.
  • Services were stopped or slowed, despite the need for them to expand.

To see the summary of the results, or the full report, visit their website here