Travel with IBD

Take action for better signage on accessible toilets at travel companies across the UK

We did it, thanks to you! Due to the huge support we received from the incredible Crohn’s and Colitis community, four of the major supermarkets have now installed the not every disability is visible signage on accessible toilets across their network nationwide. 

Thank you for taking action to affect change and give those with Crohn’s and Colitis the confidence to travel. 

Edinburgh Airport and Newcastle Airport are already using accessible toilet signs, and since our campaign launch, nearly 75% of the travel hubs have already installed the signage or made positive commitments to do so. 

Big names include Heathrow and Gatwick Airports. See which travel hubs have already committed to install the signage.

A  survey of 1,776 people with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), conducted by Takeda UK Ltd., Crohn’s and Colitis UK and IBD Passport, highlighted that: 

  • 72% feel IBD limits their travel some-to-all of the time
  • 70% worry about toilet facilities whilst travelling
  • Crucially 28% have deferred, cancelled or changed a trip abroad because of an IBD-related issue

We need to remove the stigma surrounding accessible toilet usage, raise awareness that not every disability is visible and give people living with IBD, or other invisible disabilities, more confidence to travel. 

We’ve joined forces with Takeda UK Ltd. to launch an exciting collaborative campaign Travel with IBD – together we are looking for widespread adoption of accessible toilet signage in airports, rail stations and service stations, highlighting that not every disability is visible. This simple but effective act will help to ensure people with a hidden disability can use toilet facilities without fear of criticism or embarrassment – and in turn help provide a better experience for those travelling with IBD. 

Together we are stronger and can help raise awareness that not every disability is visible.

This campaign was developed with, and partially funded by, pharmaceutical company Takeda UK Ltd., one of Crohn’s and Colitis UK’s corporate partners. UK/NP/1707/0027e / Date of preparation: July 2017